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2014-12-18 23:26:20 by FreakingWiffle

I'm a prominent voice actor looking for roles in all fashions! I've done tons of projects with various YouTubers and content creators alike; my biggest credited works to date are the voice of Rick in GregzillaGT's upcoming original series "Rebb: The Generally Unpleasant Tale of an Evil Minion", the announcer in the European cartoon "Friendly Neighborhood Super Agents" and the voice of Ezreal/Adult Gohan in prominent blogs all around the internet! I'm a kickback and friendly guy who is simply investing as much time in his hobbies as I can. OTHER SUCH THINGS INCLUDE




THE WRITING - (you can PM me for that nonsense)

I'm looking to kick up my original series sometime, whether it be in comic or animation form. It's truly just my biggest aspiration to make things come to life. And if I can do that even for somebody else, that's all that matters!